Don’t Starve Together список изменений 195732 — 196510


Список изменений версии hotfix 195732 — 196510 (change list):

  • Changes
    • Look for the Rock Den to pick up your pet!
    • Added the Bee Queen and her Grumble Bee guardians.
    • Added Fences and Gates.
    • Added growable Marble Shrubs.
    • End Tables can now be decorated with fresh flower arrangements.
    • Friendly Scarecrow can now be dressed up.
    • Improved deploy action range to help with placing walls.
    • Improved auto-attack targeting to help reduce unintentional target switching.
    • Doubled drop rate for Glowcap Blueprint.
    • Optimizations for Mushtrees that are off-screen.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug where some special event content was still generated even when “Events” world customization was set to None.
    • Fixed bug where Batilisks would often appear momentarily whenever a Player exits the Caves during daytime.
    • Fixed constant health loss sound when Wolfgang has health penalty after reviving.
    • Fixed bugs causing Dragonfly to sometimes get stuck after sleeping.

    HOTFIX 195879 — 11/4/2016

    • Added new battle music for Bee Queen.
    • Beekeeper Hat now works against Bee Queen attacks.
    • Increased durability of Beekeeper Hat.
    • Reduced attack range of Bees and Mosquitos.
    • Adjusted Royal Jelly food values.
    • Eating multiple Jellybeans will now extend the duration of its effects with diminishing returns.
    • Jellybeans no longer spoil.
    • Icons for food items that do not spoil (such as candy) will now always have a full green background.
    • Note for modders: stewer component now supports products that do not perish (set the food’s perishtime to nil).
    • Opal Staff placed in the Moon Stone will properly give off a sanity aura.
    • Hammering a Wood Gate will now return correct resources.
    • Increased priority and reduced range on using spacebar to open Gates.
    • Fixed action string for closing Gates.
    • Fixed targeting issues when using a controller.
    • Fixed crash sometimes when a Player dies with the Jellybean buff still active.
    • Fixed crash when decorating the End Table with a Lesser Glow Berry.

    HOTFIX 196341 — 11/10/2016

    • Increased Bee Queen health and number of Grumble Bees.
    • Bee Queen leaves a trail of sticky honey that slows ground movement speed.
    • Updated sounds for Ewelet.
    • Fixed bug where Sporecaps can fail to grow even while Toadstool is channeling.
    • Fixed crash sometimes when Dragonfly resets.
    • Fixed bug where the Heal action appears for Fences.

    HOTFIX 196510 — 11/10/2016

    • Glow Berry effects will now save properly on pets.
    • Updated Wood Gate art to appear as a double gate when placed side by side.
    • Updated sounds for Vargling.
    • Added sound effects for Bee Queen’s stick honey trail.
    • Improved Bee Queen’s targeting behaviour.
    • Added mod release id: R04_ANR_CUTEFUZZYANIMALS

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