Don’t Starve Together список изменений 196191, 196704, 196865, 197284 и 197463


Список изменений версии 196191, 196704, 196865, 197284 и 197463 (change list):

[Game Update] — 196191 (hotfix)
  • Removed the green inventory backing for some non-perishable food items.
  • Added sounds for Broodling and Glomglom.
  • Reduced the cost for the Wood Gate recipe.
  • Reduced the rate of growing Marble Shrubs.
  • Retuned Bee Queen and Grumble Bees.
  • Beekeeper Hat now provides minor stun-lock protection against Grumble Bees.
  • Reduced Jellybeans buff strength, which no longer stacks.
  • Added animations to show the different states of the Gigantic Beehive.


[Game Update] — 196704 (hotfix)
  • Fixed orientation bug when Wood Doors are placed side by side.
  • Wood Doors placed side by side will now open together.
  • Pets will become less needy overtime if they are often fed properly.
  • Pets will space out their cute idle animations more appropriately.
  • Improved Bee Queen targeting logic.
  • Bee Queen now has an insanity aura while channeling to command her Grumble Bees.
  • Fixed issue where Dragonfly sometimes gets stuck trying to reach Magma to spawn Lavae.
  • Fixed bug where Toadstool Minimap icons near an Ocuvigil sometimes did not update.
  • Fixed spawn effect position for flying pets.
  • Fixed animation bug when holding a Lantern while groggy.
  • Fixed save issue with burnt Salt Licks.
[Game Update] — 196865 (hotfix)
  • Improved Wood Gate alignment with Fences and Walls.
  • Fixed bug where rotation on clients was not working correctly when placing
  • Wood Gates on clients.
  • Fixed bug where burnt End Tables could still be decorated.
  • Fixed a glitch in Kittykit’s idle animation loop.
  • Fixed bug where some Vargling sounds could still be heard when volume is set to 0.


[Game Update] — 197291 (hotfix)
  • Fixed Wood Gate orientation when placed with controllers.
  • Improved Wood Gate and Wood Fence placement logic.
  • Pets no longer block building or placement.
  • Deployment placers are now hidden when the action is not available. (For example, switching to the Repair action when placing Walls.)
  • Ice Flingomatic range indicator will now be visible to players while they are placing other structures or plants.
  • Fixed bug in Wes’ mime animations while mounted.
  • Fixed animation bug when Scarecrow wears long gloves.
  • Increased Glowcap Blueprint drop rate to 33%.
  • Improved Dragonfly targeting behaviour.
  • Note to people using the Geometric Placement mod: If you are having issues placing double Wood Gates, holding Ctrl will use our placement logic.


[Game Update] — 197463 (hotfix)
  • Fixed bug where wilted Flowers on End Tables did not save properly.
  • Fixed missing Snow animations on Mushroom Planters.
  • Toadstool will no longer target Hutch after all Players are dead.
  • Increased range for Ice Flingomatic range indicator to stay visible while placing other structures or plants.

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