Don’t Starve Shipwrecked список изменений 189297

Список изменений версии 189297 (change list):

Hey everybody!

You may have noticed from the bug tracker, we’ve been busy fixing bugs in DS and Shipwrecked. We’re releasing the first set of bug fixes today, along with a profiling tool[] to help track down pesky performance issues.

Although we squashed a lot of bugs, we may not have gotten your Most Wanted bug. If that’s the case, please head to the bug tracker[] and add more details to existing bugs so we can track them down, or report bugs that others may have missed!
Change List:

  • Added lots of new «place» sounds for buildings.
  • Put in a profiling and save submission tool to help track down performance issues. Please read the full thread here[].

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent large saves in old worlds from crashing when merging SW and RoG.
  • Prevent trading/refusing from frozen creatures.
  • Boats will smash if they end up on land.
  • Fix Wolfgang animation bugs.
  • Fix Maxwell shadows getting stuck in boats if far away.
  • Fix issue with placing queued structures after wearing brain hat.
  • Tentacles are no longer summoned on the water.
  • Doydoys correctly drop loot, even if they die in your inventory from being fed bad food.
  • Lighter no longer activates if equipped while rowing.
  • Lureplant correctly shows items now.
  • Fix issues where incorrect instrument was showing while boating.
  • Poison now shows as a cause of death in the morgue.
  • Monkeyball sounds better near walls.
  • Player can “ingest” venom glands by clicking on themselves
  • Proper animation plays when player gives venom glands to other poisoned targets.
  • Lots of examine and character speech typo fixes.
  • Lots of sound playback issues fixed.
  • Sandhills can now be destroyed.
  • Make sure Rocky overpopulation fixes are properly included in Shipwrecked DLC, as well as other herd-related cleanup.
  • Sunken Boats no longer appear in Adventure mode.
  • Now Wildbore won’t run off into the distance when they walk if they lose their target.

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Don’t Starve список изменений 190428

Список изменений версии 190428 (change list):

Update Information:

This is a short list of bug patches mainly for putting out the fix for the RemoveHerd() function crash that is affecting a number of folks.

Change List:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the “RemoveHerd” crash.
  • Seagulls won’t spawn on land during monsoon season when set to “none” at world gen.
  • Fixed a potential crash when testing if something not in the world is on water.
  • Shipwrecked character’s specific items are guaranteed so they will appear when using the teleportato
  • Fixed a crash with the wake spawner.
  • Cleaned up a “stale component” message in the log when exiting a boat
  • Fixed a bug with the wave collision calculation that would cause collisions when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed a graphic bug with ash.

There are a number of different entries on the bug tracker at the moment that are most likely caused the same bug. There are some inconsistencies in the way time is processed when entering and leaving places like the Volcano. It touches a lot of places in the code, so it’s a trickier problem to solve, but hopefully when it’s done, quite a few of the problems that people have reported will clear up.

Don’t Starve список изменений 197843, исправления 198080, 198177, 198251

Список изменений версии 197843, исправления 198080, 198177, 198251  (change list):

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the Physics. Dropped items drop properly, Wilbur won’t throw poop at himself anymore, Ice machine won’t break the laws of gravity, etc..
  • Fixed a bug that caused puddles to stick around after the Monsoon season.
  • Fixed a bug with world gen putting spring and summer defaults to none in ROG worlds.
  • Fixed a bug with the Moose/Goose egg causing a crash in ROG worlds.
  • The wall placer visual will now hide when the “repair” option is the actual action available.
HOTFIX 198080
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with new string parsing code that was causing a crash with mods.
HOTFIX 198177 
Another issue was discovered as a result of yesterday’s update that was causing the game to not display any joypad or mouse button icons. This should now be resolved.Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with new string parsing code that was causing button prompts to not show correctly


HOTFIX 198251 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some po files could cause the game to assert.

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Don’t Starve список изменений 193934

Список изменений версии 193934 (change list):

Множество улучшений производительности! Основными улучшение:
— Геймплей замедляется, как только весь мир исследован.
— Геймплей замедляется после долгой сессии игры.
— Производительность во время штормов ветра.
— Мобы больше не застревают за стенами.
— Обезьяны. О обезьяны.
Исправление ошибок
Исправлена ошибка при которой, если дует ветер, то вылетает игра.
Теперь «прогресс» гончих разделяется между мирами.
И прочие мелкие исправления ошибок.

Lots of performance improvements! The main areas that have been improved are:
— Gameplay slowing down as the world is explored.
— Gameplay slowing down after a long play session.
— Performance during wind storms.
— Certain creatures brains when they are stuck behind walls.
— Monkeys. Oh the monkeys.

Bug Fixes:
Fix crash when an object blowing in wind leaves the screen.
Hounds progress is correctly synchronized between worlds — no more hound attacks every time you use the Seaworthy! Now, hounds «progress» is shared across worlds.
Volcano/appeasement is correctly synchronized between worlds.
Eyebone/Fishbone is properly ejected from backpacks when using seaworthy.
Altered some Steam Cloud settings to prevent caves from continuously regenerating and progress from being lost.
ROG toggle works properly in shipwrecked-compatible slots. This includes: Starting a new Vanilla or ROG slot w/ SW compatibility, connecting SW to an existing Vanilla or ROG slot, and making a new Vanilla or ROG world using the Seaworthy.
Goose Egg/Goose Egg no longer disappear shortly after appearing.

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Don’t Starve список изменений 193234 и 193234

Список изменений версии 193234 и 193234 (change list):

Update Information:

Hey Starvers,

It’s been a little bit since the last update but we’ve fixed a bunch more issues! In particular, we looked closely at a lot of problems that were arising around linking and travelling between different maps. This has been cleaned up and stabilized so many related issues will have gone away. But as with all big changes, new issues may have appeared or we may have missed a detail, so don’t hesitate to post in this thread if you notice anything screwey. (Part of these changes included some tweaks to the way the «Days Survived» count works, see the full patch notes for details.)

Thanks for all your bug reports and logs and save files! It’s been invaluable.

Change List:


  • In Shipwrecked-compatible games, especially once they’ve been merged, the clock now shows the age of the world you are in — hover with your mouse or pause to see which world it is, either Survival or Shipwrecked. The age of the player is now shown on the pause screen, and includes the player’s lifetime across uses of the teleportato, i.e. the total number of days you’ve survived consecutively.

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous fixes related to synchronizing time between worlds. Note: If your worlds have already gone out of sync, they will remain out of sync, but won’t get any worse. This will prevent issues such as:
    — Entering the caves in one season and coming back in another.
    — Volcano taking ages to load.
    — All your food rotting in your pockets when you travel between worlds.
    — And of course, the clocks getting out of sync!
  • Backpack Inventory nesting bug fixed in Shipwrecked
  • Placed items that are guaranteed won’t spawn unless needed (Warly’s cookpot)
  • Time of day effects (e.g. darkness) will sync properly when travelling between worlds.
  • Floral Shirts now require cactus flowers in ROG and vanilla worlds whether they are shipwrecked compatible or not.
  • Willow won’t be frozen by the flingomatic now, like the other characters.
  • Beardlords won’t occasionally drop regular bunnyman loot now
  • Shark Tooth Crown will now perish when its durability is lost
  • Fix getting stuck on a black screen occasionally when loading a game. This happens because the character died for some reason, so save games suffering from this will either be concluded or end up at a resurrection stone/statue.
  • When you die in a merged or teleportato’d world, you get XP based on the character age, not the world age.
  • Terraformed beach tiles will now be tideable.
  • Planted turf will now block tide so long as it’s dry.
  • Caves and Volcanoes are merged over as well when merging a Survival world with a Shipwrecked world.
  • Survival worlds now correctly retain their RoG or Vanilla season data when merging with a Shipwrecked world.
  • Fixes a save file corruption caused by inventory stack sizes that go below one.


HOTFIX 193234
  • Fix crash when you use the pitchfork on a non Shipwrecked map.

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