Don’t Starve список изменений 89685 part 1

Список изменений версии 89685 (change list):

Gameplay fixes
-Add naughtiness to smallish tallbird
-shadow maxwells scare rabbits
-wilson is invincible while sleeping
-fix recipe prototyping to work with new tech level splits
-fix for Winter is generated in spite of the ‘Season’ preset setting being set to ‘Only Summer’. in the ‘World Menu’
-fix for wolfgang saying how mighty he is and totally ruining everything in the intro NIS
-Make telelocator check for water when teleporting randomly
-prevent infinite loot fountain from beaver-gnawed spiky tree
-Stumps can now be lit on fire after loading.
-Stumps now propagate fire.
-fix for placing structures after eating a glow fruit
-fix maxwell mine visibility
-heatrocks work in backpacks
-instead of clearing followers from saveindex on load which can result in them being lost, clear -followers on any save that is not an ascend/descend
-fix crash when lureplants eat bees
-Now reset the colour cube on load to deal with loading and saving between insane and non insane games.
-made evergreens and cave entrances non-clickable when they are first worked to stop you from interacting with them by accident
-Planted pine cone has different name from unplanted
-Abigail is is now tagged as a «character», additionally the tentacle will retaliate against anything in range that is attacking it
-lantern swap bug fix
-lantern can’t be turned on in pocket
-killing a baby beefalo is very naughty
-Made a «SelfStacker» component and added it to the houndstooth, monster meat and spoiledfood to improve base clenliness and performance in very long games
-Rubble no longer crashes
-Armour will always return 0 damage if the absorb percent is >= 1.
-There is now only one «Sinkhole» room per task. This will remove the case of regularly seeing two cave entrances near each other.
-Made «characterspecific.lua» a component for items that are only supposed to be on one character. -Added it to all character specific items.
-fix bug where nightmare stuff was getting turned on in second overworlds
-fix for occasional cave gen fail
-Fix for wes talking
-Walrus blow dart is no longer targettable/inspectable during flight
-Fix for two bugs: Leif not exiting frozen once hit and minotaur being stunlockable.
-Made beefalo poop in the old way, and fixed a problem with their babies never showing up
-Catcher now makes sure the projectile it’s tracking is valid before attempting to preform functions with it.
-Combat function now ensures that the entity it’s on is still around before calling GetDistSqToInst.
-Ham bat no longer loses durability from being used, but does spoil over time
-Ham bat and flower hat both display spoilage graphics instead of text percentages in order to reflect that they are spoiling over time
-fixed occasional invisible maxwell intro bug
-properly report farm plot fertilization success
-make the build placers opaque so that they show up better
-make burnt trees more visible when they are highlighted
-Deerclops will knock down anything he collides with that is tagged «tree», allowing him to pass through.
-Divining rod will not disappear when attacking.
-made hambat non-edible to avoid interface confusion. Gave it higher damage to compensate.
-flower hat is not edible to reduce interface confusion
-make dusk announcement more generic, so that it doesn’t mention fire.
-Inventory items that also have brains will now hibernate while they are held by an owner.
-Bees no should no longer buzz while in a container.
-Fix for mandrake crash when travelling between cave levels.
-Use consistent language for the settings screen in FE and pause menu
-Fix for inventory items getting into a bad state when you try to put them into an already-full chester
-Birds can no longer be killed while flying away.
-Shadow Creatures will not trigger tooth traps.
-Fix woodie, chester contents, and beard issues when time catches up when leaving / entering caves
-Fix for dropping equippable tools under full-container conditions
-Maxwell’s Shadows will now die when he does.
-Fix bee spawn schedule

Don’t Starve список изменений 89685 part 2

Список изменений версии 89685 (change list):

Controller stuff
-Added a controller debug menu
-Improved attack/interaction picker
-Added vibration (it can be toggled off)
-added controller hints to the front end screens and made them more consoleish when a controller is attached
-When using dpad to use un-equipped item on the scene, it will now be equipped if required
-Fix for item-on-item interactions with controller
-Fix «for science!» button controller focus when you beat the game
-Inventory hint stays up longer
-Added trigger tooltips to inventory and crafting bars
-Controller tips for inventory and container items are at more sensible offsets
-add louder controller focus change sound
-added repeat rate for controller page/value changes
-hooked up sounds to page flips
-don’t play scrolling sounds after the ends of the crafting menu
-When using a controller pressing the «INVENTORY_USEONSELF» bind will now first toggle deployable mode on (if applicable) a 2nd press will execute any action related to the bind if deployable mode was triggered.
-Keep the crafting menu open as you open and close the map
-make controller scrolling move a page at a time in the character select screen
-changed the sense of the rotation buttons to be more logical
-controller focus movement in FE has repeat when held
-Use the correct string (based on type, not index) to name the controller you’re configuring on the controls screen
-Added default PS3 controller bindings on OSX
-Added various missing control bindings across platforms
-Split ui focus controls from movement
-Split prev/next controls from prev/next page, bound to spinner
-Controls screen listens for pgup/pgdown, scrolls by half-screens so you can see some paired controls better
-Deprecated «custom control» values which are unused inhouse, hopefully unused in mods
-Increment control mapping version, invalidating users’ current mapping settings (sorry!)
-When hovering a stackable item over a stack of the same type the hint now says «Put» instead of «Swap» to match the behaviour

-Re-enabled mipmapping on pc — the game should look much cleaner at low resolutions now
-Set up better timer code for osx and linux
-Lots of GPU / shader optimizations — the game should run better on older cards
-made killer bee brains cheaper
-made controller button popup checker cheaper
-Fire fighting :o) — Perf improvement with burning trees (lights in general). Light buffer is now quarter res (actually it’s fixed res)
-Lua spike prevention — no defered userdata cleanup, timeslicing «built-in»

UI fixes
-disable crafting/inventory opening when you are a beaver
-adjust recipe description text over slightly
-properly pause game when prompting the player to confirm activation of adventure portal so that controller input isn’t picked up by the game
-The audio settings are automatically changed when starting a new game on a fresh install
-fix scrolling issue with crafting UI
-Fix mousewheel zoom on map screen
-clock is now more legible
-Don’t stop FE music when a character is selected
-Updated fonts in inventory bar for legibility
-Spoilable inventory items now also have a highlight outline behind their icon/text
-fix text cut-off in crafting menu
-replaced big arrow button anims with image buttons
-hide hud and squelch interaction when going through wormhole
-map screen panning is smooth instead of chunky
-Remove non-functional open/close prompt for equipped containers when using controller
-arrow added to hud for backpack
-inventory bg is one solid image
-move chester open menu up to the top of the screen
-opening chester will close chests and vice-versa (so they don’t overlap)
-Display deaths recorded as «unknown» as «shenanigans» instead

-Did full string pass — there should be no more missing strings
-Player character Art is high-res for nicer closeups

Don’t Starve список изменений 89685 part 3

Список изменений версии 89685 (change list):

Changes from the preview
-Fix for are corrupted stretched textures on the map when two world settings are set to «lots»
-Fix for The ‘Save and return to main menu’ overlay can be continuously looped by spamming the ‘I said quit!’ button repeatedly
-fix for placing chests on ponds
-Stencil bug fix fixes shadow creatures.
-Fixed red/green lines on minimap.
-Add inspection text for a planted pinecone on Maxwell and Wickerbottom
-Fix for «placing» an item out of a container instead of inventory was not removing the item from the container, resulting in a crash
-Minimap rendering optimizations.
-Fix for — The user becomes stuck on a non-functional debug screen when using the ‘Deconstruction Staff’ on a open ‘Chest’
-objects aren’t deployable from containers
-Fix for — The title crashes upon depleting the ‘Star Caller’s Staff’
-cancel deploy/plant action if selected inventory item is changed
-deerclops targets you after he finishes attacking your base
-Fix not being able to re-map an analog axis between positive and negative without remapping it to something else first

Don’t Starve Shipwrecked список изменений 134052

Список изменений версии 134052 (change list):

Hey everyone,

I’ve pushed a small patch today, with the bulk of the changes to making the mod experiences more similar between Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together. While I was at it, I grabbed some of the fixes for a couple of the nastier bugs that we patched up for DST, and brought them back to DS.

  • Added a mod function to query the game’s id. TheSim:GetGameID will return “DS” for Don’t Starve and RoG, and will return “DST” on Don’t Starve Together. This can be used to allow modders to have a single code base for mods that they distribute to the DS and DST Workshops. DST will be getting a new optional variable in their modinfo file named api_version_dst, which will allow the same mod info file to be used in both Workshops.
  • Enabled /LARGEADDRESSAWARE for Windows builds to help address memory issues with large mods.
  • The Mods screen now does a version check before downloading Workshop mods and doesn’t download them if they haven’t been updated. This functionality was brought over from DST, and will help users on slow internet connections who are subscribed to numerous mods..
Bug Fixes
  • The crock-pot-insta-rot issue fixes that were implemented in DST have been brought over to DS. This affects both the stewer component and dryer component.
  • Herd size bugs. Bugs that caused beefalo and rock lobster herds to grow out of control were addressed in DST and those fixes have been brought over to DS.

Don’t Starve Shipwrecked список изменений Hang Ten (160851)

Список изменений версии Hang Ten (160851):



  • Added OSX support.


  • Fog patches can now be found at sea during the first 2 segments of day.


  • New Character Added — Walani!


  • Sea versions of shadow monsters appear when on a boat and low on sanity.


  • Silly Monkey Ball — Distract those stupid Prime Apes.
  • Snakeskin Sail — Catch a breeze with this fancy new sail.




  • Volcanic rock strike damage reduced significantly
  • Volcanic eruption durations reduced, intensity increased
  • Volcanic rock strikes damage the player while in a boat
  • Increased time between volcanic rock warning shadow appearing and impact
  • Slot machine tweaks to prizes
  • Slot machine now has insanity aura
  • Resurrection stone now features wildbore heads on stakes
  • Reduced log drops from mangrove trees
  • Krissures now deal damage to enemies
  • The ocean is now calmer during dry season
  • More art/boost directions have been added to waves and rogue waves
  • Waves now collide with shore, mangrove trees


  • Swordfish damage increased
  • Tweaked loot provided by Whales
  • Whales now turn around at shallow water biome
  • Sharx drop hounds teeth
  • Prime Apes no longer try to pick up backpacks
  • Added a refuse animation to Prime Apes
  • Palm Treeguards wander when they do not have a combat target
  • Improved behaviours of Fishermerms
  • Wildbores are more aggressive
  • Tallbirds stop tracking you if you get on a boat
  • Birds stop spawning during volcano eruptions
  • Floaty Boaty Knights spawn in world more often
  • Renamed Ox to Water Beefalo


  • Wes now mime-paddles
  • Added a shadowy effect to the drowning animation
  • Hunger drain reduced while poisoned


  • Boat lantern degrades slower
  • Trawl net is gated by science machine
  • Boat torch is gated behind science machine
  • Hail is no longer edible, but can be refined into ice
  • Items on fire extinguish when they hit water
  • Boats start dealing wetness when heavily damaged
  • Rafts deal more wetness when breaking waves
  • Poisoned enemies no longer spread poison on attack
  • Poisoned enemies now move slower, attack less often, and deal less damage
  • Dogfish no longer play their floating anim when coming from slot machines
  • Replaced live jellyfish with dead ones from slot machine
  • Sand can now be refined into into empty bottles
  • Adjusted art of the poisoned spear


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed numerous crashes and other issues.


Known Issues
  • Walani is missing examine strings for her Surfboard.

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