Don’t Starve Together список изменений 196113 (These Hallowed Nights)

Список изменений версии 196113 These Hallowed Nights (change list):

The Hallowed Nights are upon us!

This year something special lies in wait for you. Beginning today, everyone can now discover new tricks and treats around the world of Don’t Starve. Fill your candy bag to the brim and satisfy your sweet tooth with all sorts of sugary seasonal treats!

As you may have noticed, fun Hallowed Nights skins have already been added for everyone to enjoy. These spooky costumes will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to enjoy them before November 8th when the event ends and they’re gone forever!

Also available are special disguises that will stick around, but they’ll only drop during the season of Hallowed Nights, so be on the look-out for these rare items and snag them all while you can!

Good luck, have fun, and brace yourself for a scare!

Change List:


  • Added the Toadstool boss in the Caves.
  • Added Rare Blueprints to Toadstool and Dragonfly loot tables.
  • Added a craftable Scarecrow and a new species of bird.
  • Lavae spawned by the Dragonfly will now automatically die after a certain time.
  • Added a Moon Dial that shows the current moon phase.
  • Added a Potter’s Wheel that can be used to sculpt various artistic objects as you find Sketches of them in the world.
  • Added Mushroom farming.
  • Added Fossil Fragments that can be found in the Caves and reconstructed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where followers would sometimes never stop following Players.
  • Fixed bug where Player save data gets corrupted when holding too many Map Scrolls.
  • Fixed audio bugs with Dragonfly.
  • Fixed some cases where Dragonfly can get stuck while trying to spawn Lavae.
  • Fixed bugs with changing clothes in the Wardrobe.
  • Fixed loot from burnt Trees and Beehives.


  • Players can now perform actions such as refueling or repairing items in their inventory while mounted.
  • Fixed log errors when reloading Worlds with Grass Gekkos that have lost their tails.
  • Fixed crash when interacting with a burnt Potter’s Wheel.
  • Fixed bug with Spacebar failing to target Sculptures with a Hammer.
  • Fixed bug where multiple Toadstools may spawn from chopping a single
  • Toadstool Cap.
  • Fixed bug where Slurtles and Snurtles will steal food from each other.
  • Fixed incorrect animations for Electric Darts.
  • Memory optimizations.